[OFFICIAL]: Faction Application Template.


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    [OFFICIAL]: Faction Application Template. Empty [OFFICIAL]: Faction Application Template.

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    F A C T I O N S

    It is possible to create your own faction, independent from the Houses and politics of Westeros. Some may be mercenary based, such as the Golden Company -- some may be religiously based like the Brotherhood without Banners -- some could quite simply be Pirates for the sake of being Pirates. What you choose is entirely up to you. Please use the template below to apply for a Faction. Once approved, you will gain your own subforum within the Independents forum.

    [center][img(400px,400px)]sigil / emblem / faction logo[/img]

    [img]display picture[/img][/center]


    [b][font=times]N A M E : [/font][/b] Faction name goes here.
    [b][font=times]L E A D E R : [/font][/b] Character Name and User Name of the Faction leader goes here.
    [b][font=times]M E N : [/font][/b] Enter the amount of soldiers you wish to / think you may realistically have.
    [b][font=times]S H I P S : [/font][/b] Enter the amount of ships you wish to / think you may realistically have. Bare in mind, your HQ must be able to harbour them.
    [b][font=times]H E A D Q U A R T E R S : [/font][/b] Enter the whereabouts and details of your HQ. This could be a castle in the North, a camp in the Reach, etc.
    [b][font=times]A L L I E S : [/font][/b] Please list any allies. If you're a sellsword company, this could be the client who is hiring you.


    [b][font=times]M E M B E R S : [/font][/b] Please only list actual players who are members of this faction, with their usernames and character names.

    [*]Member 1.
    [*]Member 2.
    [*]Member 3.


    [b][font=times]P U R P O S E: [/font][/b]

    Please detail the purpose and mission of the faction.


    [b][font=times]B A C K G R O U N D : [/font][/b]

    Please detail how the faction was founded and how it got to where it is now.


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