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Lyanna Stark Empty Lyanna Stark

on Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:48 pm
Lyanna Stark Octavia-blake-gif-4

N A M E : Lyanna Baratheon Stark.
T I T L E S : Queen of Westeros.
A L I A S : The Shieldmaiden.

G E N D E R : Female.
A G E : Two and Twenty.
H E I G H T :  5ft 3"
W E I G H T : 55 kg.
B U I L D : Athletic, Curvy.
E Y E S : Blue.
H A I R : Brunette.
C O M P L E X T I O N: Fair.
M A R K S  /  S C A R S : Various scars of different sizes across her body from battles and training.

F A T H E R : Ned Stark.
M O T H E R : Catherine Stark.
S I B L I N G S : Corlin Stark & Jon Stark.
C H I L D R E N : Non.

S E X U A L I T Y : Bisexual.
M A R I T A L : Married to King Luca Baratheon.

S W O R N - T O : House Stark of Winterfell & House Baratheon.
P E R S O N A L I T Y : Fierce, Loyal, Family-Orientated, Blunt, Passionate, Devoted.
R E L I G I O N : The Old Gods.
L A N G U A G E S : Common Tongue.

S T A T S :

  • Combat:  12
  • Endurance:  14
  • Defence: 10
  • Cunning: 8

B A C K G R O U N D :

The youngest Stark child and yet just as fierce as her elder siblings. Lyanna took after her namesake being rebellious, feisty and keen to learn, she had to fight tradition and expectations of a noble girl to be true to herself. It became quite clear Lyanna would take after her Great-Aunt Arya and under her supervision began combat training, originally only intended to teach her to defend herself. However, she became a proficient warrior, challenging whomever she could to prove she was as much a wolf as her older brothers, rather than a delicate wall flower to be cared for protected from the world. Often Arya would tell Lyanna stories of her siblings, more commonly her bastard brother Jon Snow the Commander of the Nights watch who lost his life in the Winter War. Lyanna remembers each and every story she was ever told before Arya passed away.

As a child Lyanna was surrounded by friends, most of which where daughters of other Northern Houses. Upon them some of her closest friends where Talisa Manderly and Alys Karstark, previously Whitehill. She keeps these women close to her heart and maintains a strong relationship with them. Tailsa specifically she regards as a sister and the two are together whenever they possibly can be.

At 15 years old her father drowned in a freak accident, her mother passed away not two seasons later from what could only be explained as a broken heart. During her brothers ascension to the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Lyanna did whatever she could to help him and strengthen her home, that included becoming Lady of Moat Cailin. In the years that followed Lyanna worked to restore the Moat to it's former glory, specifically restoring the three remaining towers of which she named, The Watch Tower, The Gate Tower, and The Heart Tower.  Once again Moat Cailin could serve as a Shield to the rest of the North, hence her alias 'The Shieldmaiden'. Lyanna makes a point of leading from the front, her reason being good leaders do not send their men where they not dare go themselves. To this day Lyanna remains a skilled warrior and loyal servant to her brother and the North.

While defending the Northern people from a group of thieving mercenaries who had been pillaging farms and small settlements close to Moat Cailin. Lyanna came across a man named Talion who hailed from across the sea. He was intrigued by the fact a woman could fight just as fiercely as the men to defend her home, and despite Lyanna's original mistrust of him the two soon became friends. Talion took up a position as one of Lyanna's and personal guards, however, Lyanna saw him more as a second and entrusted him with the training of her men. She also looked to him for advice when she needed an outside point of view. There had on occasion been rumour the two where more than friends.

Lyanna was present for the King's Thirtieth Name Day Feast and Tourney in Kings Landing along with her companion Talisa Manderly and brother Corlin Stark. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Lyanna overheard a conversation which would later assist in The Lord Hand Edric Baratheon's investigation of treason in the realm. Upon the arrest and trail of Daegon Greyjoy which resulted in the murder of Doran Martell, Lyanna returned home to the North with her company where she met, and very quickly became engaged to Prince Luca Baratheon of Dragonstone in order to cement the Norths loyalty to House Baratheon.

The wedding was arranged and held within the halls of Winterfell and in the name of the Old Gods which Lyanna follows. What is slightly unusual is that Lyanna has chosen to keep her own Family Name, while also taking on her husbands. Therefore she would refer to herself as 'Lyanna Baratheon Stark' despite when marrying him she gave up her right to the Stark Lineage, she will always be a Stark. It was on his return to Kings Landing from that very wedding that King Stannis II Baratheon was murdered by the Greyjoy scouts, this was not known to Lyanna until she and her new husband Luca made it to Kings Landing.

I N V E N T O R Y :

  • Wolf Pelt: Lyanna had a grey and white wolf pelt sown on to a cloak, the pelt originally belonged to her father and therefore is far too large for somebody of her stature, however minor adjustments have been made in order for her to wear it.
  • Silver Pendant: A piece of jewellery owned by her mother before her passing, Lyanna is never seen without it, even if it is usually tucked beneath her furs, it is by no means a statement piece of jewellery, only a sentimental one.
  • Castle Forged Sword: A Steel Castle Forged Sword, slightly shorter than the usual weapon, made specifically for her hand by the blacksmiths of Winterfell for her name day. The pommel of the sword is shaped in to a Direwolf's head, honouring the memory of Jon Snow.
  • Circular Shield: A small circular shield Lyanna is able to hold with ease which provides enough protection should she need it. Lyanna had the shield repainted after marrying Luca Baratheon, it now has golden trims and features a Wolf and Stag in the centre.
  • Ice: The Ancestral Sword of House Stark was gifted to her by her brother Corlin Stark for her loyalty and devotion to their House. Ice remains in the North under her brothers care, despite still personally owning the sword she believes it should stay and defend it's people.

Lyanna Stark Tumblr_p86glvaoyi1x6n89ho2_250        Lyanna Stark Tumblr_p86glvaoyi1x6n89ho6_250        Lyanna Stark Tumblr_p86glvaoyi1x6n89ho8_250

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Lyanna Stark Empty Re: Lyanna Stark

on Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:48 pm


S T A T S :

  • Combat:  12
  • Endurance:  14
  • Defence: 10
  • Cunning: 8

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