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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty [OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History.

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Our story takes place during the War of the Five Kings. The War of the Five Kings was a large, multi-theater conflict fought in Westeros from 298 AC until 300 AC. Following the death of King Robert Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon rose to replace him. However, Joffrey wasn’t a true Baratheon at all - he was in fact the bastard son of Robert's wife, Queen Cersei Lannister and her twin brother, Jaime. Robert's Hand of King, Eddard Stark finds out the truth regarding Joffrey’s incest birth. When Eddard confronts Joffrey, he is immediately thrown into the dungeons of the Red Keep. Joffrey executes Eddard Stark and resumes his place upon the Iron Throne. Before his death, Eddard Stark told the secret of Joffrey's true parentage to Robert's brothers: Stannis and Renly Baratheon. Despite their differences and disagreements, Renly and Stannis joined their armies together with the support of House Tyrell and the Armies of the Reach. This agreement was only made after Renly demanded the death of the Red Priestess, Melisandre and a place on Stannis' Small Council. To their surprise, Stannis agreed to the demands. With this act and with much of Renly's influence, the Tyrell's (despite their hatred for Stannis and his wife), support the Baratheon claim. Davos Seaworth was sent to the North to meet with the Lord of Winterfell. Robb Stark, son of Eddard Stark also raised his banners and agreed to aid Stannis in honour of their family friendship. Robb's mother, Catelyn Stark helped secure further alliances with her old family ties, House Tully of the Riverlands and House Arryn of the Vale. Being Eddard's steward and Robb's brotherly-friend, Theon Greyjoy had been sent to the Iron Islands to secure their allegiance. Theon's father, Balon Greyjoy, had already decided to declare war on the other Kingdoms. By doing so, Balon Greyjoy crowned himself King of the Iron Islands and planned open rebellion against the rest of Westeros. When Theon disagreed with his father's actions, Balon commanded that Theon fight the strongest warrior in the Iron Islands - to prove his opinion worthy. Unfortunately for Theon, the Ironborn champion bludgeoned him to death.

The armies of the Reach and the Riverlands guarded the borders of Westerlands, preventing the Lannister armies from travelling to Joffrey’s aid in King's Landing. Whilst they held the boarders, Stannis had sent assassins disguised as Lannister soldiers to murder Mace and Olenna Tyrell. Stannis remembered the Tyrell's attack on him at Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion and sought revenge. The assassinations were successful and the Tyrell’s had a newfound hatred for the Lannisters. The Stormlands, the Vale, and the North all closed in upon King's Landing's front - forcing all of the Crown's forces to the sands of Blackwater Bay. From there, they met Stannis and his army sailing from Dragonstone. Trapped, cornered and vastly outnumbered... the Crown surrendered. Without any mercy, Stannis had Joffrey executed for the death of Eddard Stark. Cersei was executed for conspiracy, incest and attempted murder. Jaime Lannister was personally executed by Brienne of Tarth for conspiracy, breaking his oath as a Kingsguard, and attempted murder. At Casterly Rock, Stannis met with Tywin Lannister and his son, Tyrion. While Tyrion desperately exercised diplomacy, Tywin furiously refused to bend the knee and swore to destroy the entire Baratheon dynasty. Stannis forced Tywin into a trial there and then, with Tywin demanding a trial by combat as Stannis called him for treason and open rebellion. Honourably using themselves as champions, Stannis slew Tywin himself. Tyrion was declared innocent, but was forced to forsake all his land and titles. Petyr Baelish, now a prisoner of Robb Stark, was executed for his treachery against Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn. Back at King's Landing, Davos Seaworth would be named Hand of the King as Stannis began constructing his new world. Kevan Lannister eventually swore fealty and was named Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock. Robb Stark was named Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell. Edmure Tully was named Lord Paramount of the Trident and Lord of Riverrun. Lysa Arryn was named Lady Regent of the Eyrie and Warden of the East until her son Robin come of age. Due to the murder of Mace Tyrell, his son and heir, Willas Tyrell, was named Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount of the Mander and Warden of the South. Renly Baratheon was named Lord of Storm’s End and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. Dorne remained a neutral principality under Prince Doran Martell.

With the Kingdom's stability restored, Stannis called the banners of Westeros to crush the Greyjoy Rebellion by Balon Greyjoy. The King's armies met the Iron Fleet as they began raiding the western coasts. Brutally outnumbered, the Ironborn retreated with an unlikely ally. Varys the Spider, unhappy with his lack of power at Stannis' table, decides to tell the Ironborn about the remnants of House Targaryen. Varys and Ilyrio have elusive plans for Young Griff and Daenerys, and see acquiring the Iron Fleet for either of them as a deed well done. However, once lead to them, the Ironborn successfully capture both Daenerys Targaryen, Young Griff and their respective entourages. After much torture and interrogation, the Ironborn immediately kill Young Griff, Varys, Ilyrio, Jorah Mormont, and Viserys onboard their flagship. Rather than killing Daenerys' dragons, the Ironborn foolishly sold them to the Sorcerers of Qarth for a hefty amount of gold. The Iron Fleet then sail away grim Essos, leaving behind a hoard of furious Dothraki savages - including Khal Drogo. Back on board, the Greyjoy's realise that Daenerys' is pregnant. Back in Westeros, Tommen and Myrcella Baratheon (Lannister) are also exposed as the incest bastards of Jaime and Cersei Lannister. Because they committed no crimes, Myrcella was left in the company of Dornish royalty, and Tommen was sent to squire for House Tyrell. With the help of Gendry and Arya, Bran and Rickon are reunited with Robb and Sansa at Winterfell. Robb Stark gives Gendry a home at Winterfell for his bravery.

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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty Winter

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During their combined efforts North of the Wall, Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly and the Night's Watch convene at Winterfell, where their stories of the White Walkers are confirmed by Bran and Rickon. Robb would send word to Stannis, and Westeros would unite and prepare for its assault against the Night's King. After a series of devastating battles, the army of the dead were eventually defeated. However, the side of the living encountered many losses...

From the Iron Islands...:

  • House Stonehouse of Old Wyk goes extinct.
  • House Drumm of Old Wyk goes extinct.
  • House Tawney of Orkmont goes extinct.
  • The cadet branch of House Goodbrother of Orkmont goes extinct.
  • House Farwynd of Lonely Light. House Greyjoy "gifts" Lonely Light to their Targaryen captives.
  • House Kenning of Harlaw goes extinct.
  • House Codd goes extinct.
  • House Myre of Harlaw goes extinct.
  • House Humble goes extinct.
  • House Ironmaker goes extinct.
  • House Netley goes extinct.
  • House Stonetree of Harlaw goes extinct.
  • House Sharp goes extinct.
  • House Sheperd goes extinct.
  • House Weaver goes extinct.
  • House Saltcliffe of Saltcliffe goes extinct, House Sunderly succeeds them.

From the Crownlands...:

  • House Brune of Dyre Den goes extinct (and their lands destroyed).
  • House Boggs goes extinct.
  • House Blount goes extinct.
  • House Byrch goes extinct.
  • House Bywater goes extinct.
  • House Cave goes extinct.
  • House Cressey goes extinct.
  • House Cargyll goes extinct.
  • House Edgerton goes extinct.
  • House Wendwater goes extinct.
  • House Gaunt goes extinct.
  • House Harte goes extinct.
  • House Langward goes extinct.
  • House Mallery goes extinct.
  • House Manning goes extinct.
  • House Pyle goes extinct.
  • House Thorne goes extinct.
  • House Crabb goes extinct (and their lands destroyed).
  • House Dargood goes extinct.
  • House Darke goes extinct.
  • House Darkwood goes extinct.
  • House Hardy goes extinct.
  • House Pyne goes extinct.
  • House Follard goes extinct.
  • House Kettleblack goes extinct.
  • House Rambton goes extinct.
  • House Rollingford goes extinct.
  • House Slynt goes extinct.

From the Stormlands...:

  • House Bolling goes extinct.
  • House Cole goes extinct.
  • House Gower goes extinct.
  • House Hasty goes extinct.
  • House Herston goes extinct.
  • House Horpe goes extinct.
  • House Kellington goes extinct.
  • House Lonmouth goes extinct.
  • House Musgood goes extinct.
  • House Seaworth goes extinct.
  • House Swygert goes extinct.
  • House Toyne goes extinct.
  • House Tudbury goes extinct.
  • House Wagstaff goes extinct.
  • House Wensington goes extinct.

From the Reach...:

  • House Ambrose goes extinct.
  • House Ball goes extinct.
  • House Bridges goes extinct.
  • House Bushy goes extinct.
  • House Cockshaw goes extinct.
  • House Conklyn goes extinct.
  • House Dunn goes extinct.
  • House Durwell goes extinct.
  • House Fossoway of New Barrel goes extinct (and their lands destroyed).
  • House Graves goes extinct.
  • House Hastwyk goes extinct.
  • House Hunt goes extinct.
  • House Hutcheson goes extinct.
  • House Inchfield goes extinct.
  • House Kidwell goes extinct.
  • House Leygood goes extinct.
  • House Lowther goes extinct.
  • House Lyberr goes extinct.
  • House Middlebury goes extinct.
  • House Norcross goes extinct.
  • House Norridge goes extinct.
  • House Oldflowers goes extinct.
  • House Orme goes extinct.
  • House Pommingham goes extinct.
  • House Redding goes extinct.
  • House Rhysling goes extinct.
  • House Risley goes extinct.
  • House Sloane goes extinct.
  • House Stackhouse goes extinct.
  • House Uffering goes extinct.
  • House Varner goes extinct.
  • House Westbrook goes extinct.
  • House Willum goes extinct.
  • House Wythers goes extinct.
  • House Yelshire goes extinct.

From Dorne...:

  • House Briar goes extinct.
  • House Brook goes extinct.
  • House Brownhill goes extinct.
  • House Drinkwater goes extinct.
  • House Holt goes extinct.
  • House Hull goes extinct.
  • House Ladybright goes extinct.
  • House Lake goes extinct.
  • House Shell goes extinct.
  • House Wade goes extinct.
  • House Wells goes extinct.
  • House Dayne of High Hermitage goes extinct (and their lands destroyed).

From the Westerlands...:

  • House Algood goes extinct.
  • House Bettley goes extinct.
  • House Broom goes extinct.
  • House Clegane goes extinct.
  • House Clifton goes extinct.
  • House Doggett goes extinct.
  • House Drox goes extinct.
  • House Falwell goes extinct.
  • House Ferren goes extinct.
  • House Foote goes extinct.
  • House Garner goes extinct.
  • House Hamell goes extinct.
  • House Hawthorne goes extinct.
  • House Hetherspoon goes extinct.
  • House Jast goes extinct.
  • House Lannett goes extinct.
  • House Lanny goes extinct.
  • House Lantell goes extinct.
  • House Lorch goes extinct.
  • House Moreland goes extinct.
  • House Myatt goes extinct.
  • House Parren goes extinct.
  • House Payne goes extinct.
  • House Peckledon goes extinct.
  • House Plumm goes extinct.
  • House Ruttiger goes extinct.
  • House Stackpear goes extinct.
  • House Turnberry goes extinct.
  • House Vikary goes extinct.
  • House Westford goes extinct.
  • House Yarwyck goes extinct.
  • House Yew goes extinct.

From the Riverlands...:

  • House Baelish goes extinct.
  • House Bigglestone goes extinct.
  • House Blanetree goes extinct.
  • House Chambers goes extinct.
  • House Charlton goes extinct.
  • House Deddings goes extinct.
  • House Erenford goes extinct.
  • House Goodbrook goes extinct.
  • House Grell goes extinct.
  • House Grey goes extinct.
  • House Haigh goes extinct.
  • House Hook goes extinct.
  • House Harroway goes extinct.
  • House Justman goes extinct.
  • House Keath goes extinct.
  • House Lolliston goes extinct.
  • House Lothston goes extinct.
  • House Lychester goes extinct.
  • House Paege goes extinct.
  • House Perryn goes extinct.
  • House Qoherys goes extinct.
  • House Shawney goes extinct.
  • House Slynt goes extinct.
  • House Strong goes extinct.
  • House Teague goes extinct.
  • House Terrick goes extinct.
  • House Towers goes extinct.
  • House Vance of Atranta goes extinct. House Tully claim Atranta for their own.
  • House Vypren goes extinct.
  • House Wayn goes extinct.
  • House Whent goes extinct.
  • House Wode goes extinct.

From the Vale...:

  • House Donniger goes extinct.
  • House Egen goes extinct.
  • House Hardyng goes extinct.
  • House Moore goes extinct.
  • House Ruthermont goes extinct.
  • House Wydman goes extinct.

From the North...:

  • House Amber goes extinct.
  • House Ashwood goes extinct.
  • House Blackmyre goes extinct.
  • House Boggs goes extinct.
  • House Bole goes extinct.
  • House Branch goes extinct.
  • House Burley goes extinct.
  • House Cassel goes extinct.
  • House Condon goes extinct.
  • House Cray goes extinct.
  • House Crowl goes extinct.
  • House Fenn goes extinct.
  • House Flint (of Widow's Watch) goes extinct and their lands destroyed.
  • House Flint (of Breakstone Hill) goes extinct and their lands destroyed.
  • The Northern Mountain Clans go extinct.
  • House Frost goes extinct.
  • House Greengood goes extinct.
  • House Greenwood goes extinct.
  • House Harclay goes extinct.
  • House Holt goes extinct.
  • House Long goes extinct.
  • House Ironsmith goes extinct.
  • House Lake goes extinct.
  • House Liddle goes extinct.
  • House Lightfoot goes extinct.
  • House Manderly (of Ramsgate Castle) goes extinct. House Stark claim Ramsgate Castle as their own.
  • House Marsh goes extinct.
  • House Mollen goes extinct.
  • House Moss goes extinct.
  • House Norrey goes extinct.
  • House Overton goes extinct.
  • House Peat goes extinct.
  • House Poole goes extinct.
  • House Quagg goes extinct.
  • House Redbeard goes extinct.
  • House Ryder goes extinct.
  • House Thenn goes extinct.
  • House Towers goes extinct.
  • House Waterman goes extinct.
  • House Wells goes extinct.
  • House Woodfoot goes extinct.
  • House Woods goes extinct.
  • House Woolfield goes extinct.
  • House Wull goes extinct.

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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty Spring

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House Tarth. Brienne Tarth, the only daughter of Selwyn Tarth - was eager to join the Kingsguard of House Baratheon, given her commitment to Renly.
She was instead, ordered to return home to continue the legacy of her House. Her father Selwyn was getting old and hadn't much time left, nor was he very successful at fathering children.
By order of the King, anyone who would marry Brienne would take the Tarth name, and their heirs would be rightful Tarth's also.

House Mormont. During the war against the undead, the White Walkers killed Maege, Dacey, Lyra, Jorelle and Lyanna Mormont.
The only capable survivor was Alysane "The She-Bear" Mormont and her children. Alysane claims the father of her children was a bear.

House Florent. Due to Selyse being the wife and Queen and King Stannis I Baratheon, Brightwater Keep was given back to the House Florent - and the Tyrell's were made to pay for its glorious refurbishment.
To this day, House Florent still claim they have a more worthy blood-right to Highgarden - but for the sake of peace, Stannis continued to reluctantly ignore their appeal.
Due to the deaths of some House Florent members during the war, Alekyne Florent succeeded to Lord of Brightwater Keep and Head of House Florent.

Grand Maester Pycelle continued to serve on the Small Council, until he died of old age and another Grand Maester replaced him.

House Martell. Oberyn, Ellaria and the Sandsnakes all fell in battle during the war. Arianne and Quentyn fell in battle during the war.
Therefore, Prince Trystane succeeded his father, Doran Martell as the Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear.

House Clegane. Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane died during the storming of Blackwater Bay by King Stannis I Baratheon, slain by Lord Beric Dondarrion.
During the conflict, Sandor "The Hound" Clegane uttered "Fuck the King" and intended to escape, but he would later be slain by Brienne of Tarth.

House Trant. Meryn Trant died during the storming of Blackwater Bay by King Stannis I Baratheon. House Trant stayed loyal to House Baratheon.

House Slynt. Janos Slynt died during the storming of Blackwater Bay by King Stannis I Baratheon, slain by Lord Beric Dondarrion.
Harrenhal, rebuilt and given to House Baratheon. After the winter war, House Slynt was no more.

Bronn actually saved the life of Renly Baratheon during the war against the Night's King. To pay him gratitude, King Stannis I Baratheon offered him anything he wanted, given it was within his power to grant.
At this moment in time, Bronn revealed he was the last surviving member of House Reyne and had been “keeping his enemies close" the entire time.
Castamere was rebuilt and given back to House Reyne, under the Lordship of Bronn Reyene.

House Royce. Yohn Royce is killed during the storming of Blackwater Bay, fighting for King Stannis I Baratheon. He was slain by Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegange.
Ser Robar Royce becomes part of King Stannis I Baratheon's Kingsguard. Nestor Royce and his family branch are wiped out during the winter war.
The seat of the Moon Gates is given to House Arryn. House Royce of Runestone fell to the Lordship of Andar Royce, eldest son and heir to the late Yohn Royce.

House Stark. Rickon Stark went to serve in the Night's Watch after the winter war, wishing to follow in the footsteps of Benjen Stark and Jon Snow.
Catelyn Stark remained at Wintefell, before dying of old age. Bran Stark lived out his remaining crippled days at Wintefell with Meera Reed. Sansa Stark married Loras Tyrell, producing heirs.
Arya Stark marries Ser Gendry Storm, whom was accepted in by Robb Stark - the couple lived out their remaining days at Winterfell. Benjen Stark and Jon Snow were killed by the Night's King.

House Reed is succeeded by Jojan Reed, and his sister Meera Reed establishes a relationship with Bran Stark, though they never married nor had children.

Beric Dondarrion continues to lead his house from Blackhaven, though Thoros of Myr died during the winter war.

House Tarly. With Randyll Tarly dead from the winter war, Dickon succeeds him and continues House Tarly.

House Bolton. Because of the horrendous acts that Ramsay Snow performed on Lady Hornwood, Robb Stark had him executed.
Roose Bolton secretly swore vengeance against the Starks and eventually had a legitimate son with Fat Walder Frey, now Bolton.

Willem Lannister and Alton Lannister. Both Lannister's died during the winter war.

Bryden "Blackfish" Tully died during the winter war.

House Seaworth. Davos Seaworth became Hand of the King during the reign of King Stannis I Baratheon. All of Davos' children died in battle, besides Devan, Stannis and Steffon.
Devan squired for King Stannis and eventually became his one of his Kingsguard. Stannis and Steffon Seaworth died during the winter war.

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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty Aftermath

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House Martell: Trystane Martell and Myrcella Baratheon (Lannister) marry and their heir, Elario Martell becomes the Prince of Dorne following their deaths.

House Tyrell: Loras Tyrell keeps his homosexuality private, and while he continues secret relationships with Renly, he publicly weds Sansa Stark.
Their heir, Gerald Tyrell eventually becomes Lord Paramount of the Mander, Warden of the South and Lord of Highgarden following their deaths.

House Stark: Robb Stark marries Lady Talisa Maegyr of Volantis and their heir Ned Stark eventually becomes Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, following their deaths.

House Tully: Edmure Tully reluctantly weds Roslin Frey and produces an heir: Biron Tully.
Biron eventually comes of age and becomes Lord Paramount of the Trident and Lord of Riverrun, following their deaths.

House Lannister: Martyn Lannister, son of Kevan Lannister, eventually weds Bethany Hill and becomes Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West following Kevan's death.

House Arryn: Robin Arryn comes of age and becomes Lord of the Eyrie and Warden of the East.

House Greyjoy: Euron Greyjoy names his bastard son, Viktor, a true Greyjoy. Viktor eventually becomes the King of the Iron Islands and Lord Reaper of Pyke following Euron's death.
Viktor plots to marry the daughter of Daenerys Targaryen, Aelora, hoping that joining their houses will grant him and his heirs a claim to the Iron Throne.
When Viktor's plot is successful, he insists that Aelora and her twin brother, Aerion, are never allowed to leave their castle of Lonely Light.

House Baratheon (of Storm's End): Renly Baratheon keeps his homosexuality hidden and secretly continues seeing Loras Tyrell.
He does manage to publicly wed Margaery Tyrell as planned. Their heir, Steffon Baratheon eventually becomes Lord of Storm's End and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands following their deaths.

House Baratheon (of King's Landing): King Stannis I Baratheon eventually dies of natural causes, leaving his daughter Shireen Baratheon to succeed him as Queen upon the Iron Throne.
Shireen goes on to marry Benjamin Waters, whom takes the name Baratheon and title of Crown Prince.

House Targaryen: Viktor Greyjoy secretly murders Daenerys Targaryen after promising her safety within the Iron Islands.
Daenerys' children, Aerion and Aelora are kept in separate chambers on the isolated island of Lonely Light.
Although it appears as if House Greyjoy have gifted House Targaryen Lordship and a new home upon Lonely Light, they are very much prisoners of House Greyjoy. Aelora is forced to marry and have relations with Viktor Greyjoy.

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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty Pre-scene(s) Event

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On the 51st nameday of Queen Shireen Baratheon, a feast and dance was held at the Red Keep - invitations extending to all the Lords and Ladies of Westeros. Though she mourned the recent death of her husband, the late Benjamin Waters, Shireen greeted many guests and received many exotic gifts. In the midst of the evening, Shireen retired to some rest whilst her eldest son, Stannis II Baratheon took over as host. When Stannis eventually retired to his chambers, Shireen returned to bid goodnight and farewell to her guests. Upon her last sip of wine, she began coughing and choking - moments later, she collapsed to her death on the floor.

Witnesses included Ned and Catherine Stark, Martyn Lannister, Lord Karstark, Lady Redwyne and Steffon Baratheon. Before Shireen abruptly collapsed, an Essosi Merchantlord, who was an irregular guest, flung himself to her introduction -- out the corner of anyone's eye, it'd look as though he was somewhat responsible. Ned Stark drew his Valyrian Steel sword, Ice, and beheaded the Essosi Merchantlord upon the steps of the Iron Throne. Martyn Lannister objected to such an act and attempted to kill Ned Stark, after insisting the Essosi deserved a Westerosi trial. Whilst Steffon Baratheon tried to breakup the fight, Lord Karstark felt Martyn's blade impale him within close combat. The City Watch separated them both and left them to the new King's judgement.

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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty Legacy

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House Martell: Doran Martell, the son of Elario and Amelia Martell (nee Dayne), becomes the Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear following their deaths.
His younger brother, Lewyn Martell becomes the Lord of Shandystone after it was rebuilt.
His other younger brother, Taran Martell becomes the Lord of Hellgate Hall after it was rebuilt.

House Tyrell: Gormon Tyrell, the son of Gerald and Elizabeth Tyrell (nee Redwyne), becomes the Lord of Highgarden and Lord Paramount of the Mander following their deaths.
His younger brother, Matthos Tyrell becomes Lord of Dunstonbury, given that it was left unallocated after the Winter War.
His other younger brother, Garth Tyrell becomes Lord of Whitegrove, given that it was left unallocated after the Winter War.

House Stark: Bennard Stark, the son of Ned and Catherine Stark (nee Forrester), becomes the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North following their deaths.
His younger brother, Harlon Stark becomes Lord of Ramsgate Castle, as it was unallocated and rebuilt after the Winter War.
His other younger brother, Bran Stark becomes Lord of Moat Cailin.

House Tully: Elston Tully, the son of Biron and Emily Tully (nee Mallister), becomes the Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident following their deaths.
His younger brother, Medgar Tully becomes Lord of Atranta following the extinction of House Vance's branch. After the Winter War, it was rebuilt from its ruins.
His other young brother, Brien Tully becomes Lord of Oldstones, as it was rebuilt from ruins after the Winter War.

House Lannister: Daven Lannister, the son of Martyn and Bethany Lannister (nee Hill), becomes Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West following their deaths.
His younger brother, Martyn Lannister becomes Lord of Lannisport.
His other younger brother, Lyonel Lannister becomes Lord of Tarbeck Hall, as it was rebuilt after the Winter War.

House Arryn: Hugo Arryn, the son of Robin and Katlyn Arryn (nee Upcliff), becomes Lord of the Eyrie following their deaths.
His younger brother, Roland Arryn becomes Lord of the Moon Gates, following the deaths of that branch of House Royce.
His other younger brother, Merin Arryn becomes Lord of the Drearfort, following the extinction of House Baelish.  

House Baratheon (of King's Landing): Stannis II Baratheon, the eldest of many sons of Shireen and Benjamin Baratheon (nee Waters) succeeds to King upon the Iron Throne following their deaths.
His younger brother, Orys Baratheon becomes Prince of Dragonstone.
His other younger brother, Ormund Baratheon becomes Prince of Summerhall.

House Baratheon (of Storm's End): Edric Baratheon, the eldest son of Steffon and Victoria Baratheon (nee Estermont) eventually becomes Lord of Storm's End and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.
His younger brother, Gowen Baratheon becomes Lord of Harrenhal, as it was partially rebuilt after the Winter War.

House Greyjoy: Daegon Greyjoy, the only son of Viktor Greyjoy and Aelora Greyjoy (nee Targaryen) becomes King of the Iron Islands and the Lord Reaper of Pyke, following their deaths.

House Targaryen: Aerion Targaryen is the last surviving male lord of House Targaryen.
Confined to the island of Lonely Light, Aerion managed to secretly assassinate Viktor Greyjoy. Before he could however, Viktor threatened to cut Aelora's throat. Aelora suffered her final breath as Viktor slashed it, but then fell to Aerion's fire torch - leaving both bodies to burn to crisp.
Aerion couldn't bring himself to kill Daegon, and even if he could, Greyjoy men had taken Daegon back to Pyke, where he would remain and rule.
The Ironborn never frequently return to Lonely Light, fearing Aerion had somehow summoned Dragons to burn his enemies.
The Ironborn would send him boats of food and supplies, but never shared his company. They call him the "Lonely Lord".

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[OFFICIAL]: Roleplay History. Empty Summer

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House Greyjoy: Daegon Greyjoy disguised himself as a hedge-knight during King Stannis' nameday tournament. In the midst of a duel, he took the leg of Prince Doran Martell, the Hand of the King. Daegon was seized and stood trial -- he demanded a Trial by Combat. Daegon chose himself as his Champion, and Doran, despite his disability, insisted he be the King's champion to regain his honour. The fight was close, but Daegon cunningly slew Doran. Under the laws of Gods and Men, Daegon was free to return home to the Iron Islands. Before he left however, Daegon revealed he was in fact of Targaryen origin and pressed his claim to the Iron Throne. With this, he gained multiple alliances and attempted to storm Blackwater Bay with his naval force. During the wedding of Prince Luca Baratheon, the King's brother, to Lyanna Stark of Winterfell -- the King and his entourage travelled home through the night. They were ambushed by Greyjoy assassins and King Stannis was killed in the crossfire, dying in the arms of his squire, Lord Valarr Dayne. Daegon was eventually defeated, pushed back by the forces of the Crown and stabbed through the head by the newly crowned King Luca Baratheon. The Ironborn sailed back to the Iron Island, where a Kingsmoot was held. Daegon's bastard brother, Dalton emerged the victor and promised the Ironborn their revenge.

House Baratheon: With the King dead, Luca Baratheon ascended to the throne. But Luca never had the love of the people, or the approval of his brother Stannis. Luca and his cousin Edric, the Hand of the King, imprisoned Kathryn in the Black Cells on charges of conspiring with her betrothed, House Lannister, to overthrow the King. Gowen Baratheon, the Lord of Harrenhal, insisted he should not only inherit Storm's End following Edric's death at the hands of Daegon, but also sit the Iron Throne as well. Gowen was quickly killed, but during the conflict, Lord Valarr Dayne escaped with Kathryn Baratheon and took her to the safety of Starfall. From there, they sent word out to all the Kingdoms, claiming that she was supposed to succeed Stannis rather than Luca. Five out of Seven Kingdoms allied with her and now she sits upon the Iron Throne. The fate of Luca Baratheon in the hands of Lady Celtigar is... uncertain.

House Martell: After Daegon slew Doran Martell, his younger brother Lewyn succeeded him. The youngest Martell brother, Taran, married Jocelyn Lannister and therefore supported Kathryn Baratheon's claim. Prince Lewyn is now betrothed to Alysanne Tyrell.

House Tyrell: Lady Elyse Tyrell supported Kathryn Baratheon's claim by sending thousands of Tyrell troops to blockade the Stormlands and enforce King's Landing.

House Arryn: With the death of Hugo Arryn, his brother Roland Arryn succeeded him. When Gowen Baratheon was attempting to gather allies to support his rather idiotic claim, Lord Merin Arryn of the Drearfort answered his call. Under the guise of support, House Arryn successfully took rulership of Harrenhal for themselves, ousting Gowen in the process. King Luca Baratheon at the time, granted them the castle. Roland Arryn, in partnership with House Lannister, commanded an army to siege Riverrun. Though this seemed like a simple blockade to stop the Tully's from aiding Luca, House Arryn desired rulership of the Riverlands for themselves. House Arryn of Harrenhal began marching to aid their comrades at Riverrun, but were intercepted by a combined force of Riverlords at Fairmarket. This chunk of House Arryn was destroyed, but eventually Lord Tully bent the knee to Kathryn Baratheon and the siege was lifted. Lord Merin Arryn remains a prisoner of the Riverlords.

House Lannister: Tytos Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West, was betrothed to Kathryn Baratheon even before King Stannis' death. The Lannister forces aided House Arryn during their siege of Riverrun, but upon returning home, they noticed that the castle of Castamere was unarmed and unmanned. Lord Raylan Reyne had taken all of his forces to King's Landing to aid Luca. Before the Lannister forces marched home, Tytos ordered them to destroy Castamere once again. Tytos is still due to wed Kathryn Baratheon and take his place as Crown Prince.

House Tully: Fearful that House Tully may support Luca during Kathryn's uprising, House's Lannister and Arryn surrounded Riverrun in an attempt to siege it. Just before however, a mighty Tully force had departed from Riverrun to intercept the Arryn forces that occupied Harrenhal. With the aid of House's Blackwood and Bracken and under the leadership of Lord Brynden Tully, they were able to defeat those small Arryn forces before they could join the others at Riverrun. By the time the dust had settled however, Lord Edwin Tully was forced to bend the knee... for the time being.

House Stark: Corlin Stark was almost immediately captured after Luca's surrender, by Lord Garlan Redwyne. After many weeks, Corlin was released on the condition that the North send copious amounts of supplies to the Arbor. Lord Redwyne kept Longclaw for himself. During Corlin's time at the Arbor, the North came under attack from Lord Bardos Magnar and the Skagosi. They sailed across the sea, forming an encampment upon the Grey Cliffs. Forces were sent from Winterfell and Karhold to destroy them. Led by Lord Mormont, they were indeed successful and Lord Magnar was killed. House Stane remained on the island... what their retaliation will be is unknown. Arriving back home in the North, Lord Corlin Stark calls for an assembly of all the Northern Lords and Ladies, to discuss what they should do about their enemies to the South.

House Targaryen: Aerion Targaryen sailed his only ship across the sea, ending up at the Arbor, where he was also imprisoned with Corlin Stark under Garlan Redwyne. Aerion, though posing as a simple hedge-knight, dropped clues to Lord Redwyne which would eventually lead to his release.

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