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    [OFFICIAL]: Community Rulebook. Empty [OFFICIAL]: Community Rulebook.

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    R U L E B O O K

    B A S I C S

    • 1. Death: Death is permanent. Once dead, your character biography will be moved to the "Deceased Characters" forum. From then on, you will be unable to role-play that character again.
    • 2. Duelling: The default method of combat is turn-based duelling (aka. Emote).
    • 3. In Character: aka. "IC" means that you are speaking and acting within the context of your character. This means you are open to any all consequences of whatever events may occur.
    • 4. Out of Character: aka. "OOC" means that you personally are present, but you are communicating to others outside of the role-play at hand.
    • 5. Voiding: Only staff members have the right to void role-play scenes and events. As a role-player, once you have role-played something, it is done -- the ink is dry. If both parties wish to undo a role-play scene that doesn't affect anyone else, please contact staff to discuss the possibilities.

    I N A C T I V I T Y

    • 1. To be rendered inactive, you must have been offline for 7 days and have reports from other role-players pointing out your inactivity.
    • 2. If you have been offline for 7 days and have been reported by others members, you will be contacted by a member of staff with some options. You will either have to give reason for your inactivity and reassurance of your return, give your character to another role-player to continue, or simply kill your character off so that succession may occur.
    • 3. If you are taking a leap of absence, you should inform staff. This will make you exempt from any activity-checks, biography culling or IC consequences.

    D I S C O R D

    • 1. RP is never to be carried out upon Discord.
    • 2. OOC conversations pertaining to the RP may never be used as IC knowledge.
    • 3. OOC conversations may never be used as copy/pasted proof of something. Forum RP or client screenshots, or it didn't happen.
    • 4. OOC plotting amongst friends is fine, as long as there are necessary IC scenes to back it up and correspond with it.

    T I M E / T R A V E L / M O V E M E N T S

    • 1. As a general rule, 1 OOC week is roughly 1 IC month - however this does not disable you from roleplaying particular times of the day, or roleplaying "the next morning" or similar within your scenes.
    • 2. If all relevant parties agree, you can "teleport" anywhere you like.
    • 2a. It is forbidden to "teleport" more than 3 times per OOC day.
    • 3. If you wish to make a Troop Movement, not only must you post this (using template provided) in the appropriate section, but you must also wait 6 OOC hours per region you cross, before that force arrives at their location. For example, if you left Dorne to the Stormlands it would take 6 OOC Hours. If you then went from the Stormlands to the Crownlands, it'd take a further 6 hours. This is to allow the defending party to acknowledge and become alerted to this OOC, so they know where they stand. It also allows opportunity for others to intercept you and perhaps question why you're moving through their lands. It is possible to @ users on this forum, so please do this as best as you can to those who would be affected.

    M E T A G A M E

    • 1. Metagame is the act of using OOC knowledge to your IC gain. Metagame is not defined by performing an IC action "under the OOC influence" of another. No one puts a gun to someone's head and makes them role-play certain things.
    • 2. The staff moderate metagame as it occurs throughout the client and the forum. This does not cover the likes of Discord chats or third-party applications.
    • 3. Those convicted of metagame will be warned, and if it continuously occurs, they will be banned accordingly.
    • 4. If you wish to make a Troop Movement, Send a Raven or anything else that you wish to be hidden from the public eye, from fear of metagame, you can simply PM these to staff who will respond with confirmation.
    • 5. The Master of Whisperers upon the Small Council is exempt from the rules of metagame, within reason. He/she is allowed to roleplay their spy network knowing information that is then reported to them.

    I T E M S / A B I L I T I E S

    • 1. There are a list of Special Items and Abilities pinned in its respective section. Special Items and Abilities outside of this list are not obtainable.  
    • 2. If you have come into possession of a Special Item and/or you wish for your character to have a special abilities, please use the template provided.
    • 3. Staff must approve of said application and then update the list accordingly.

    H O U S E S

    • 1. There is a limit of 4 characters within a family household -- ie. House Celtigar consists of Lord Celtigar and his three brothers.
    • 2. There is a limit of 3 RPC operated vassals per Great House. This will increase as the roleplay progresses.
    • 3. If a Great House goes extinct an appropriate vassal must take it place. Random NPC cousins cannot suddenly appear out of nowhere.

    M I L I T A R Y / N A V Y

    • 1. Please see the ledgers to view this information.
    • 2. A galley ship can hold 100 men.  
    • 2a. Galley's are the only available ships to use.
    • 3. Please see this topic for our Battle System.
    • 4. Ruined castles must be fixed up before being assigned to a new Lord. See the Marketplace.
    • 5. Vacant castles can be assigned a new Lord of your choosing, if you are a liege-lord. To do so, simply inform staff and create a post within the Forum Roleplay section.

    E M O T E / C O M B A T

    Turn-based combat (aka. Emote) is the default method of combat. Both players take it in turns to produce a single line of combat. Said lines can either contain an offensive action, or a defensive action - never both. As circumstances ensue, it is up to the maturity of the respective individuals to decide on the outcome. Participants must obey the laws of logic and physics - whilst applying some common sense. If the outcome is death, death is still permanent.

    E C O N O M Y / T R A D E

    I N F L U E N C E

    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3.

    C H A R A C T E R S

    • 1. Each role-player is allowed a maximum of 3 characters.
    • 2. You may only be Lord / Lady of a House on one of those characters.
    • 3. None of your characters can be related or affiliated with one another in any way.

    K I N G / Q U E E N

    • 1. When a new King or Queen is crowned, their rule is unable to be challenged or rebelled against for a minimum of 2 OOC weeks. Plotting is acceptable, but physical movements or rallying are not.

    R A V E N S

    • 1. To avoid metagame, you can use the PM system to send and receive Ravens.
    • 2. If your Ravens don't carry sensitive information and/or you want to bring this to others attention, feel free to use Forum Roleplay Area.
    • 3. Ravens take 6 OOC hours to arrive at their destination. This is to allow time for others to conduct their actions under other's ignorance for a period of time. Raven's aren't an instant messaging system.

    C A P T I V I T Y

    • 1. If you capture another roleplayer and throw them in your cells, you must do whatever you intend to do with them within 2 OOC days. This is so that their roleplay isn't restricted to you and those four walls for literal weeks.
    • 2. Prisoners of war (ie. captured as a result of a battle) can stay captured for a maximum of 3 days. This is to allow their capturers to use them as a bargaining chip if need be.
    • 3. The King can imprison another character in the Black Cells or Ghaston Grey for however long they wish. This is only reserved for those who have committed a criminal offence and would serve a life sentence in this instance. The prisoner is recommended to make a new character whilst that one rots in a cell until further notice.

    B E H A V I O U R

    Staff Warnings: Staff warnings (from Roleplay Moderators only) work on a casual 1 - 3 strike system. These are given to you for something mild like excessive abusive language, trolling / toxic behaviour, name-calling, mild bullying.  

    Character Death: If you've earned your 3rd warning, as punishment staff will kill off one of your characters. They will determine which one you value the most, or decide which one is worthy of the punishment. Metagaming will also warrant a character death.

    Banning: Things like racism, sexism, sexual harassment, homophobia, posting NSFW content like gore or pornography, will result in an instant IP ban across the forums, Discord and as many client rooms as accessibly possible.

    S T A F F

    • 1. Only the Owner / Administrator has the power to create staff members.
    • 2. Only Moderators of Roleplay can issue warnings or behavioural punishments.
    • 3. Moderators of particular areas (ie. economy, etc) have no power over roleplayers, nor are they entitled to a say when it comes to roleplay/community matters. Their sole duty is their assigned area.
    • 4. Staff caught using their powers (albeit very little) to exploit others and/or for their own gain, will be immediately removed.
    • 5. Staff are not allowed to have characters in a Great House.

    D R A G O N S

    Dragons come in four sizes: Hatchling, Teenager, Medium, Adult.

    • 1. Hatchlings cannot be ridden, and their flames cannot be used.
    • 2. Teenagers cannot be ridden, but their flames can be used on a single victim.
    • 3. Medium dragons are roughly the size of 4 horses and can be ridden. Their flames can be used on a small group of victims, but they cannot burn castles.
    • 4. Adult dragons are the size of Rhaegal (in the TV series), can be ridden by with passengers, can burn castles, cities and armies to ash.
    • 5. Riding dragons increases travel time. Travelling anywhere in Westeros on dragonback will only take 1 OOC hour.
    • 6. You cannot roleplay your dragons' laying eggs, this is a staff-power only.


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